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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Efficient solutions to conflicts

In the right situation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures can provide an efficient alternative to litigation, and parties to a dispute may turn toward mediation as a cost-effective manner to resolve their disputes. Moreover, a significant number of commercial contracts now routinely include mandatory arbitration provisions. Our attorneys can guide you through the mediation and arbitration processes to reach a favorable resolution.


Mediation provides a means for negotiating settlements in a more amiable setting than the courtroom. Mediation reduces the costs, time and stress of resolving conflicts and can often preserve business relationships that would otherwise be damaged in trial. Mediators guide parties toward equitable settlements, but if negotiations fail, either party can move forward to litigation. Our ADR attorneys develop effective strategies for reaching our clients’ goals through mediation.


Parties can agree to resolve their disputes by arbitration, or they can be required to arbitrate under their contracts. We can assist clients in all aspects of arbitration, from negotiating contracts with arbitration provisions to conducting the arbitration proceedings after a dispute has arisen. We also have experience in securities arbitration. In most instances, a dispute between an investor and a securities broker must be arbitrated before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). A FINRA arbitration forum provides an effective means for settling securities and investment disputes between parties. Our ADR team has represented brokerage firms and investors in FINRA arbitration. These cases have involved claims for churning, fraud, unsuitability, negligence, failure to supervise and breach of fiduciary duty.