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Appellate Practice

Challenging adverse decisions

Through the appellate process, the justice system provides for reconsideration of adverse decisions made by trial courts. Ritchie Law, P.C. files and argues appeals in federal and state courts throughout the country on a wide range of business cases. Our appeals team handles our existing clients’ appeals, as well as cases litigated by other firms and brought to us for the first time on appeal.

Advising our clients about the appellate process

The decision to appeal a court’s ruling is an important one. When our clients seek to appeal an adverse decision, we advise our clients about the costs, time and potential outcomes of filing an appeal, so they can make well-informed decisions.

Insight and experience

Our appellate lawyers have a breadth of experience in reviewing court records to identify grounds for appeal, in drafting the necessary briefs and assembling the evidence, and in making clear and winning oral arguments.