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Mergers and Acquisitions

Advising clients on M&A deals throughout the Southeast

The merger of businesses or acquisition of another company involves complicated tax, accounting, securities and regulatory rules that must be considered both before and after the transaction. In addition, operational and contractual issues can affect the future of the surviving firm and should be considered when negotiating a deal. The lawyers at Ritchie Law, P.C. develop strategies for handling the complex matters involved in the processes of merging, acquiring and spinning off businesses.

Structuring the transaction

Our team guides companies through the due diligence, negotiation, planning and implementation phases of an M&A transaction. During every step of the process, we consider our clients’ business objectives. Our attorneys have experience in a wide variety of business deals, such as asset acquisitions and sales, stock acquisitions and sales and cash acquisitions and sales. We ensure that our clients remain in compliance with applicable tax, antitrust and regulatory requirements, while promoting the most favorable conditions for our clients. We can provide the tax planning and advice our clients need to minimize the tax costs associated with their business transactions and to structure transactions in a tax efficient manner.

Financing the transaction

Mergers and acquisitions often require complex financing arrangements. We can assist clients in understanding the process of raising capital and acquiring financing, whether through traditional borrowing, private equity or public offerings.